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Boby & Maradona Gold Diamond Jewelers is a new business entity established by Boby Chemmanur International Group. As Chemmanur International Jewelers, another entity of Boby Chemmanur International Group, which operates its various Jewelry branches in India, similarly Boby&Maradona Gold Diamond Jewelers operates its different overseas branches. Thousands of years of advancement enabled jewelry to spread from the exclusive art form of the rich to the common personal items of adornment, which are today used by everyone around the world to express themselves in various visual fashionable ways.

Boby Chemmanur International Group

Boby & Maradona Gold Diamond Jewellers has a rich and golden legacy. Started in India as Chemmanur International Jewellers in 1863 in a humble way in the jewellery field at Varanthirappilly in Thrissur district of Kerala and establishing its branches in 35 other locations till now, and expanding its overseas branches in 8 locations as of now in 2015. Boby & Maradona Gold Diamond Jewellers has evolved into a world-renowned brand name. Jewellery customers have always been enamored by trendy designs and the Group has always taken great pains to create customer-oriented designs, which are of the best quality and of exquisite craftsmanship. The Group has its own gold manufacturing unit with craftsmen from all over the country churning out the best designs. This has also allowed the group to help reduce the “making cost” of the jewellery considerably and thus giving customers more value and satisfaction for their money. The Group has introduced many innovative business opportunities for the customers through which they can earn good returns. Now Chemmanur International Jewellers Group is an acclaimed brand known to almost 19 crore people worldwide.

The man behind the success story of Boby & Maradona Gold Diamond Jewellers is Mr. Boby Chemmanur. He has lead Boby & Maradona Gold Diamond Jewellers to one of the leading Jewellery retailers across the globe. He introduced many innovative designs from all over the world and made them available for the common man, thus carving a niche for the group among the people. This goodwill of the public provided him with the impetus to establish branches all over India and the Middle East. The vision and hard work of Mr. Boby Chemmanur has been the single force behind the group’s enormous success. Mr. Boby Chemmanur has been awarded with the “Excellent Young Businessman” for the year 2004. He has also been honoured with the Vijayashree Award, the only South Indian and the first person from the jewellrry segment to be selected for this prestigious award.

The Group also understands the responsibilities that it has towards the society. A sizeable amount is spent each year for charity purposes on community marriages, rice distribution for the poor, free medical camps, community buildings etc. Most recently, Boby Chemmanur with the “Football Legend” – Diego Maradona, together have put up a start to charity activities, during the inauguration at Malaysia, KL.

About Dr. Boby Chemmanur

Boby Chemmanur comes across as a simple gentleman. Mostly seen clad in unique dress inspired by the traditional wear of Native Malayalis during the turn of the last century, he is simplicity personified. But he is also one of the most successful businesspersons in the country and also one of the more socially responsible ones.

He has carved an niche for Chemmanur International Jewellers and led it to become one of the leading Jewellery retailers in India and Middle east. He has given importance to innovation in designs, presentation and marketing. His abilities have won him many awards like “Excellent Young Businessman of the Year” Award for the year 2004 and the Vijayashree Award, the only South Indian and the first person from the jewellery segment to be selected for this prestigious Award.

As a philanthropist , he is the founder of Life Vision Charitable Trust.He is a recipient of the coveted Mother Teresa Award and the Best Humanitarian Award for his contribution to social work.

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our vision

Through innovative business opportunities meant for the customers, the group acquired the trust of the people. Any project launched by Chemmannur Group has the footprint of the Chairman, his noble vision, an empathetic altruistic concern for the poor and sidelined. “If we open up a new branch, simultaneously we will be building a house for the needy and the hapless”. The Group's vision is spelt out in these words.

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  • Open 100 branches throughout the world by year 2020.
  • Be the global leader in gold & diamond retailing.
  • Redefine gold & diamond industry according to the changing market trends.
  • Generate a lot of employment opportunities for the youth and uplift their living standards.
  • “For every branch we open, we build a home for the destitute and the poor. We hope the good hearted people will be motivated to do some equally good thing for the needy and poor”. “Within the next 15 years we will be opening up 500 branches globally correspondingly we will construct 500 poor homes”.
our mission

Mission delineated for the company “Generate as much jobs as possible by bringing out opportunities. To quote Chairman's words-- ”no orphan should be walking along the street. There must be someone over there to share and give love to these wretched people living there” The company is propelled on the foundation of these words.