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Boby & Maradona Gold Diamond Jewellers has a rich and golden legacy. Started in India as Chemmanur International Jewelers in 1863 in a humble way in the jewellery field at Varanthirappilly in Thrissur district of Kerala and establishing its branches in 35 other locations till now, and expanding its overseas branches in 8 locations as of now in 2015. Boby & Maradona Gold Diamond Jewelers has evolved into a world-renowned Brand name. Jewelry customers have always been enamored by trendy designs and the Group has always taken great pains to create customer-oriented designs, which are of the best quality and of exquisite craftsmanship. The Group has its own gold manufacturing unit with craftsmen from all over the country churning out the best designs. This has also allowed the group to help reduce the “making cost” of the jewelry considerably and thus giving customers more value and satisfaction for their money. The Group has introduced many innovative business opportunities for the customers through which they can earn good returns. Now Chemmanur International Jewellers Group is an acclaimed brand known to almost 19 crore people worldwide.

Boby Chemmanur International Jewellers

Gold remains shiny and attractive from time immemorial, and after working with it for over 151 years, each letter of ‘Chemmanur International Jewellers’ has now attained the true glimmer of gold.

This vast jewellery empire was started with the opening of a humble shop at Varanthirappilly in Thrissur district of Kerala in 1863. Chemmanur International Jewellers has now grown into one of the leading Jewellery retailers in India and the Middle East. The vision and hard work of the Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Boby Chemmanur, has remained the single force behind the group’s enormous success. Customer-oriented & stylish designs, world class quality and exquisite craftsmanship are some of the characteristics of Chemmanur International Jewellers, to name a few.

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Chemmanur Credits & Investments Ltd

Chemmanur Credits and Investments Limited (CCIL) has become a leading credits and investment firm under the patronage of Chemmanur International Jewellers Group with the Chairman and Managing Director, Boby Chemmanur continuing to be the chief promoter of the company. Boby Chemmanur has excelled in the gold business and his fruitful experience in this line of business had given sufficient encouragement for him to venture into the NBFC field.

The vision of CCIL is to emerge as the most trusted and preferred financial service provider with a vast network of branches across the country. It aims to extend financial assistance by providing loans and other financial services to customers at reasonable cost.

CCIL enhances customer’s convenience by delivering the best services possible, and that too at their doorsteps through the expansion of its branch network and taking care of welfare of all stakeholders and society at large.

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Chemmanur Lifevision

Mr. Boby Chemmanur is the founder of Life Vision Charitable Trust. Chemmanur Life Vision hopes to spread its wings to every place where there are cries for help. The vision of its founder is idealistic to the world as he shares the profit of his business with the poor by starting Poor Homes wherever there are outlets of Chemmanur International Jewellers. He adopts the homeless from the street and provides them with shelter, food, clothing and medicines.

While in school, Boby happened to read a book on Mother Teresa and it became a life-changing event. He was totally inspired by the purity of love and sacrifice shown by Mother Teresa towards humanity. Boby realized the path he was to follow and also understood that to achieve his goals, he needed considerable resources. At the same time, he was not willing to accept donations to fulfil his vision. He decided to work hard and with unique business strategies to successfully grow his family enterprises so as to enable the actualization of his life vision. And till this time, the group has discharged its social commitments without accepting a single penny from external agencies, thus fully realising the vision of the Chairman. The activities of Chemmanur Life Vision cover education, sports & games, medical, social welfare and much more.

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Boby Friends Blood Bank

Boby Chemmanur undertook a record breaking marathon run (the first Indian to run across 812 kilometres in around 200 hours) in April 2014 for promoting the message of blood donation among the public aimed at catering to the requirements of critically-ill patients and emergency departments of health facilities. The message of the marathon, 'Give Blood, Save Life' has attracted thousands of people from around the world.

A Blood Bank supported by Chemmanur International Jewellers Group is an active forum donating blood whenever required for the needy. The Chemmanur Blood Donation Forum is capable of helping hundreds of patients during emergency. The Forum, consisting of 1,50,000 members including Boby Friends, Boby Fans and the staff of Boby Chemmanur International Group, is always committed to donate blood to the less privileged sections of the society. In the last 7 years, patients from all walks of life have been served by the Forum.

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